Frequently Asked Questions

Home Depot sells (via special order and online) matching T-moldings (72”), Multi-Purpose Reducer (72”), and Quarter Round (94”). The products are made by a 3rd party company, Zamma, and are sold exclusively to HD.

Grip Strip – Under Transition (made by Cal Oak Products) strips must be used to create a grip strip where you are changing directions. Those can be special ordered through Home Depot or ordered on
Click-Lock – The installation will have to be stopped, use a transition piece, and re-start the installation.

No! This product is for indoor, temperature-controlled environments only. You must acclimate the product in the room of installation (with HVAC system) for a minimum of 48 hours at a temperature between 65F to 85F. Also, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as this may damage your floor. Use shades or blinds if the room gets long periods of direct sunlight.


Grip Strip is a free floating floor that expands and contracts. Excessive temperatures will cause the adhesive to fail. Extreme temperatures will affect the adhesive and cause extreme separation (in cold temps) and/or extreme buckling (in hot temperatures). Failure to keep the product climate controlled year round will void the warranty.

Click-Lock is a free floating floor, it expands and contracts. Excessive temperatures will cause the product to separate or buckle. If the product separates due to extreme cold temperatures, once it warms up and expands the product will not go back together properly due to it having to be installed at an angle. If the temperatures are extremely hot, the flooring will buckle possibly causing damage to the locking mechanism. Failure to keep the product climate controlled year round will void the warranty.

Use a quality vinyl floor cleaner. The product must be specific for vinyl, neutral PH (7), not containing wax or polish. Don’t wax the floor, don’t seal the floor, and don’t use any wood care product on the floor as these can leave a film that traps dirt. No Swiffer wet products can be used on the floor. Swiffer dry pads are acceptable. Do not use any steam mops as vinyl flooring is sensitive to heat.

Wax, sealers, Swiffer wet, all purpose, and multi-purpose cleaners can create a build up on the floor that traps dirt and debris. It can also cause the floor to appear scratched and scuffed. We recommend Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner which can be purchased at The Home Depot or online at

Open windows and ventilate the room as much as possible for 3 days. Clean the floor with a quality vinyl floor cleaner.

NO – vinyl is not porous. The wax will not penetrate the vinyl and will just sit on top of your floor and eventually yellow and cause build up.

Scuffs – Try using a concentrated amount of vinyl floor cleaner on a rag or sponge and work it gently into the scuffed area.

Surface Scratches – If you have a scratch that has penetrated through the wear layer you can replace a plank.

Hold a hair dryer or heat gun about 6”-8” away from the outside of the damaged plank along the Grip Strip edge for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Make sure you have a sharp utility knife. Cut a slot in the center of the tile to be removed. Then use a putty knife to pry up the damaged plank. Refer to the installation instructions included in each carton for more information. We do have written instructions we can email or fax to you.

Allure GripStrip – We can send you some repair adhesive free of charge. Please call our Customer Service Team at 1-866-843-8453.

Were all of the cases from the same run #? Different run numbers can have shade variations. The best solution is to mix the planks up from different run #’s into the installation, installing from several boxes at one time. Be sure the customer is okay with the variation before the installation is complete. If the customer is not okay with the variation, they can go back to HD for in stock items to see if they have the same run # available for all cartons. For special order products, we will have to check our warehouses; a new PO will have to be submitted to re-order.

NO! All of our products are vinyl; the heat can damage the wear layer. This is not covered under warranty.

Yes, as long as the machine does not exceed 175 RPM’s and use a white or red pad only.

We recommend using a vinyl floor stripper (it won’t hurt the floor and will get it back to its original state). It can be purchased at The Home Depot.

We do not warranty our product for usage on stairs or any vertical surface. It cannot be glued to your wall in your home.  If you don’t care about the warranty, then use a good quality construction adhesive.

We do not recommend it. The heat will melt the vinyl. If you install it up to the hearth you need to refer to the local fire & building codes for more information.

Any areas of left over debris that is left on the subfloor that exceeds 1/8” must be removed, sanded, or filled prior to installation. The overall floor flatness tolerance is 1/4”over 10’. So most likely you can go right over it if no areas are higher than 1/8”. Scrape off the really bad spots.

Yes, you can. However, there are 3 guidelines that must be followed:

  1. The heating element must be recessed a minimum of ½” below the Allure flooring.
  2. The temperature should never exceed 85F (30C) during or after installation.
  3. The heating system must be operational at least 1 week prior to installing the Allure flooring.

Use the slip sheet that comes in between the planks. Tape them down so they stay secure over the GripStrip.

Yes, for best results. There are shade and color variations from run to run.

No, the product in its solid state does not “off gas”. It is a safe product. It is Floor Score certified which means it meets all indoor air quality requirements (tested in the state of CA) as a safe product.

No, the wax ring (called a Johnny Ring) should still work as long as the threaded bolt on the wax ring is long enough.

Use the slip sheet that comes in between the planks inside the carton to use as a template for the cut on each plank. Trace onto the desired plank and cut with a pair of sharp shears or snips instead of a utility knife.

Use a putty (color match as best as possible) or wood filler. Rub it into the gap with your finger and wipe away excess with mineral spirits.

You should if you do not plan on adding a quarter round molding to hide the expansion space.

It is recommended you keep your pets claws trimmed. Sharp claws can damage the floor. Pet urine should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

You will have to cut the floor back from the drain (tolerance for flatness is 1/4” over 10’) so if you install Allure all the way to the sloping drain it will cause pressure on the seams and possibly separate at the seams. You can fill the voids with a cementious compound to level the floor with in tolerance.

NO, you cannot install Allure over ANY carpet or ANY foam or spongy padding. It voids the warranty.

No. Our vinyl flooring is a Home Depot exclusive product.

No.  This is a floating floor and can not be glued, nailed, or attached in any other way to the subfloor.

Yes. However, you must check the moisture level in the concrete prior to installing the flooring. If the moisture is above 5%, the product can not be installed unless DRIcore Subfloor is installed first. If the moisture is below 5%, a 6mil poly must be used prior to installing Allure.

For Allure Ultra, GripStrip, and Home Decorators Collection: Moisture levels 0-5%, 6 mil poly. Moisture levels greater than 5% DRIcore only, if not used, can not install.

For Lifeproof: Moisture barriers are not necessary.

We recommend using 100% silicone caulk around the base of the toilet and in front of the tub/shower to seal the expansion area.

Rugs that have a Polymer, Acrylic, Latex, Vinyl or Cotton backing, which can be found at most stores. Rubber-backed mats/rugs are not recommended as they will stain (yellow) the floor. In addition, PVC rug gripper pads can also be used to place under rugs that may have a rough backing.

NO, vinyl can not be installed over any other type of floating floor. Floating floors have too much give and deflection and will cause our product to fail. Vinyl must be installed over a solid, firm surface.

Traditional cabinets with a box base can not be installed over vinyl. It puts too much weight in one area and causes product separation or buckling. Vinyl is a free floating floor so this will prevent it from expanding and contracting properly. If the cabinets are modern and sit on 4 legs, they can be installed over our product, just like appliances, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the 4 legs and does not put pressure all in one area.

No. The caulk will interfere with the expansion space if used around the entire room and defeat the purpose of the expansion space. It can only be used in one small area such as in front of doors, in front of a shower, or around a toilet. This is to prevent water from going into the expansion space and reaching the subfloor.

It is waterproof from the top down. The plank itself will not absorb moisture. However, it is not a water-proofer or mold or mildew resistant. If there are high levels of moisture in the concrete, the vinyl will not prevent moisture from coming up through the seams. Moisture is something that needs to be addressed prior to installation to prevent harmful effects of alkalinity.

Remove the grout around the affected tile with a utility knife and or flat head screw driver. Then peel up the affected tile with a putty knife. Depending upon the sub floor will dictate how easy the tile comes up. Then replace tile, re-grout with simple grout. The grout will adhere to the old grout where it comes in contact with it around the non affected tiles.

We recommend using a 100 pound a roller. Walking on the floor helps, but can’t replace rolling during install.