Steam Cleaning Allure ISOCORE - Do NOT Do It

Steam Cleaning Allure ISOCORE | Do NOT Do It

Many homeowners choose to install Allure ISOCORE flooring into their home for more reasons that just its modern and elegant look.  Thanks to state-of-the-art ISOCORE technology, Allure ISOCORE also has a reputation for being highly durable.  With that being said, it’s important that Allure ISOCORE owners are aware of a few key care and maintenance tips and tricks that will help keep that flooring looking beautiful, for longer. One of the most important care and maintenance tips that we can provide answers the questions, “Is steam cleaning Allure ISOCORE a good idea?”

The answer is quite simple – “No!”  Under no circumstances should you steam clean your Allure ISOCORE flooring. While steam cleaners are able to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize some surfaces without the use of chemical cleaners, using a steam cleaning on your Allure ISOCORE flooring is one of the biggest mistakes a person can make.  It is almost guaranteed that steam cleaning Allure ISOCORE will damage the floor beyond repair.

steam cleaning allure ISOCORE

(*PHOTO NOTE:  No, that floor pictured above is NOT Allure ISOCORE, and those aren’t our colorful cleaning gloves either!)

Steam Cleaning Allure ISOCORE Is A Bad Idea!

If keeping your Allure ISOCORE looking great for years to come is important to you, here are three reasons why you should avoid using a steam cleaner:

1. Excessive Heat Causes Vinyl To Warp And/Or Bend

The steam vapor emitted from a steam cleaner must be extremely hot in order to properly sanitize any given surface. The heat helps to loosen the bonds of dirt and stains on your floor, but this heat also places your Allure ISOCORE flooring in danger of warping and/or bending.

2. Moisture + Heat = Compromised Structure of Allure ISOCORE 

Not only do steam cleaners emit high temperatures, but they also use steam to collect dirt and wipe surfaces.  When this is done, the steam can seep in between the layers of your Allure ISOCORE plank or tile and distort the adhesive the bonds the vinyl top layer to the vinyl structure.  If the vinyl structure of your Allure ISOCORE planks is exposed to excessive moisture, the adhesive will break down and your flooring could be compromised.

3. Your Warranty Won’t Cover Steam Cleaner Damage 

What’s attractive about steam cleaners is that they don’t require chemicals to effectively clean floors. The trade-off, though, is that the potential damage inflicted on your Allure ISOCORE flooring by a steam cleaner will not be covered in the warranty – or just about any warranty for that matter.  The words “Do not use a steam cleaner of any kind” are spelled out specifically in the owners manual.  Please heed those words.

Ditch Your Steam Cleaner For Longer Lasting Allure Flooring!

Despite the fact that many steam cleaners claim that they are safe for use on all floors, Allure ISOCORE owners need to be wary of these advertisements. Steam cleaners can be handy, but as we mentioned earlier, you Allure ISOCORE warranty will not cover any damage caused by steam cleaners.

To avoid any confusion, we recommend reading the Allure ISOCORE warranty. This will cover the general care and maintenance practices that are best for your flooring. Click here to locate and download the appropriate warranty information for your Allure flooring. With proper care, your Allure ISOCORE flooring will continue to look flawless and deliver a solid performance for many years to come!

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