Allure Flooring Safety

Is allure flooring safe? Yes, according to the manufacturer and an independent certifier, allure flooring is safe. Here is a statement released by Halstead International on allure flooring safety: Halstead’s flooring products as manufactured do not emit any harmful odors into … Read more


TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Reviews – Project Success: Tom Puglisi

Project Success: Tom Puglisi – TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Reviews Tom Puglisi describes himself as a “do it yourself type of person”.  Though he has a computer science background and has been a computer programmer for over a decade, Tom enjoys … Read more


Allure GripStrip Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Keep your allure GripStrip flooring looking the best it can look! Every one knows that allure GripStrip flooring cleaning and maintenance are important when it comes to keeping your floor in great shape. Here are some instructions to help you clean and maintain your new allure … Read more

Installing Allure Flooring Over Concrete – Special Instructions

Can you install allure flooring over a concrete floor? The answer is, “Yes!” However, before you install allure flooring, be sure to note the following information specifically for concrete floors: First, any large cracks or voids must be filled with … Read more

Allure Flooring Support

Having issues with your Allure flooring? Looking for allure flooring support?  First, be sure to check out the Common Issues and Frequently Asked Questions sections of this site for valuable “how-to” tips and educational resources. If you can’t find what … Read more

Allure Flooring Warranty Registration

Located in the box that contains your Allure flooring is your Allure flooring warranty registration card.  The card will ask you to answer basic questions that will help the manufacturer identify you as a customer and understand your situation better. … Read more

What Voids The Allure Flooring Warranty

Generally speaking, not following any portion of the installation instructions voids the warranty.  That is one of the reasons why it is so important to read the installation instructions in the owner’s manual provided with your Allure flooring. That being … Read more

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