Brooklyn Berry Designs’ Project Success | Allure ISOCORE Reviews

Brooklyn Berry Designs’ Project Success | Allure ISOCORE Reviews

Winters in Canada can be brutal for homeowners like design blogger Brooke Berry.  So when it came time to re-do her basement flooring, she and her husband knew that it needed to withstand Calgary’s harsh weather and regular wear and tear from their four kids.  We are excited to add Brooke to our library of Allure ISOCORE reviews, and we know that all the DIYers out there can learn a thing or two from her!

After discovering Allure ISOCORE at their local Home Depot, Berry and her family knew immediately that it was everything they needed in their new flooring.  We had the chance to talk with Berry for the latest addition in our series of Allure ISOCORE reviews.  We hope that you enjoy her Allure Project Success story!

Half Carpet, Half Tile….in Canada?

It’s no secret that it can get frigid during the winter in Calgary, Canada.  This is one of the reasons why Brooke Berry was so confused with the previous homeowner’s decision to use half tile, half carpet for her newly-purchased home’s basement.

“I just kept going ‘what were they thinking??’”, the design blogger said.  “We live in Canada…tile is so cold on your feet!”

allure ISOCORE reviews

Still, the family decided to put a rug over the tile and put up with it for a few years.  That is, until the kids accidentally left the sprinkler on during the summer and flooded the basement.  Now, replacing the flooring was unavoidable.

The Search For New Flooring

Brooke and her husband immediately began looking for new flooring to replace the ruined carpet.  Knowing that her basement could flood again, Berry said that she didn’t feel good about putting in carpet.

“I thought that if [a flood] were to ever happen again, we’d basically just be ripping it out and throwing it all away,” she said.

With this in mind, waterproof flooring was a must.  It also needed to be durable enough to withstand four kids.

“[The basement is] the family entertainment room and it’s also the toy room,” Berry said.  “So it had to do a lot!”

Berry decided that vinyl plank flooring was the best choice for the family and went to Home Depot, where she came across Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Why Allure ISOCORE?

For Berry and her husband, there was a lot to love when it came to Allure ISOCORE.

“We liked that Allure ISOCORE is one-hundred percent waterproof,” Berry said.  “It feels [and] looks like a real wood floor.”

Berry also didn’t want to contribute any more to the cold, dark Canadian winters and chose the light color of SHAW OAK GREY for their new basement flooring.

“I wanted light and bright…something we would enjoy spending time in and not feeling like you’re in a dungeon.  The Sawn Oak Grey was a nice neutral color,” she said.

Great choice, Brooke!

Another aspect of Allure ISOCORE that Berry loved was how easy it was to assemble.

“It connects really smooth so you never get that little groove right in between the planks.  This snaps perfectly together,” she said.

allure ISOCORE reviews allure ISOCORE reviews allure ISOCORE reviews

As a design blogger, Berry often gets asked by friends what they should do with their spaces and Berry doesn’t hesitate to recommend Allure.

“I would absolutely recommend this because number one, it looks good,” she said.  “But then number two, it’s one-hundred percent waterproof, and easy to install yourself.”

Watch the video below to learn more about how Brooke turned her basement into one of her family’s favorite rooms in the house:

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Note: Allure ISOCORE in Sawn Oak Grey is only available through Home Depot Canada.  

DISCLAIMER – Brooke was provided flooring to revamp her basement. Her views and opinions expressed in this interview are completely her own.