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What Is Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width Vinyl Flooring?

You’ve probably seen vinyl plank flooring before.  But have you ever seen vinyl plank flooring that comes in multiple widths? Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width Plank Flooring combines simple drop-and-lock installation featuring innovative ISOCORE Technology, a waterproof, strong, and stable core that … Read more

allure isocore reviews living room makeover with petite party studio

Petite Party Studio Living Room Makeover | Allure ISOCORE Reviews

After successfully installing Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring into their shop, Rebecca and Shannon of Petite Party Studio were excited to tackle their next big project—replacing the dark laminate flooring in Shannon’s home with the new Allure ISOCORE Resilient Vinyl … Read more

Steam Cleaning Allure ISOCORE - Do NOT Do It

Steam Cleaning Allure ISOCORE | Do NOT Do It

Many homeowners choose to install Allure ISOCORE flooring into their home for more reasons that just its modern and elegant look.  Thanks to state-of-the-art ISOCORE technology, Allure ISOCORE also has a reputation for being highly durable.  With that being said, … Read more