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Athens Unleashed | Allure Flooring Reviews 2016

The latest installment of Allure Flooring Reviews 2016 features dog trainer Steve Mize, owner of Athens Unleashed. With his dog training and boarding business taking off, Steve realized that he needed to remake one of his storage rooms into a dog-friendly space.  However, the owner of Athens Unleashed encountered a few unique problems when it came time to choose flooring.

Between Georgia’s messy red clay and the wear and tear caused by the dogs, Mize knew he needed flooring that was extremely  resilient and easy to maintain.  With these challenges in mind, Mize turned to Allure flooring to help him achieve beautiful flooring that could overcome his toughest obstacles.

The Challenges Of Finding A Pet-Friendly Floor 

One of Steve Mize’s biggest concerns in terms of flooring was safety.  Using carpet was out of the question due to Georgia’s flea and tick problem in the summertime. “Fleas will bed and infest and nest and breed in carpet,” Mize said, “So I knew from that alone that I needed to get carpet out of that room.”

Another reason to give carpet the boot was the potential for accidents.  Mize said that even if a dog is in a crate, they can make a mess and create a possible health issue—something that Mize wasn’t willing to risk.

An additional problem that the dog trainer faced was Georgia’s red clay. “It’s not dirt—it’s red clay,” Mize said, “It gets on your dog’s feet [and] it will destroy your carpet.  There’s nothing you can do about it.

All of these unique challenges pushed Mize to search for a hardwood option.  As a small business owner, keeping costs low was key.  When he went to his local Home Depot, Mize was impressed when the salesperson rubbed his key over an Allure flooring sample to demonstrate its durability.

“You couldn’t even tell where he had done it!” Mize said.

After careful consideration of all his options, he decided that Allure Flooring was the best choice. “For the durability that we needed, for the ease of us installing it—and it was super easy—and overall cost, that was what led us to the Allure flooring that we got.”

allure flooring reviews 2016

allure flooring reviews 2016








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It has been over two years since Steve Mize installed Allure flooring into his home, and Mize is so pleased with the results that he plans on re-doing the rest of his house with Allure flooring products.  He also doesn’t hesitate to recommend Allure Flooring to everyone—including customers who complain of the abuse their hardwood floors receive from their own dogs.  We look forward to checking in with Steve as he installs Allure flooring in the rest of his home! 

Check out our full Project Success Interview with Steve by clicking on the video below:


For Mize and other pet owners, the choice is obvious.  Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring allows any dog-lover the ability to achieve the high-quality look of hardwood without the hassle and maintenance that comes with authentic hardwood flooring.  And at a price that can’t be beat, we chalk that up to another great story for our Allure flooring reviews 2016 Project Success series! 

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