Allure Project Success Update | Athens Unleashed

Allure Project Success Update | Athens Unleashed

It’s time for a special Allure project success update!  Our readers may recall the project success story of dog trainer and owner of Athen’s Unleashed, Steve Mize, who shared his Allure flooring installation experience with us late last year (if you missed it, click here to read the full story). 

After having such an amazing experience with his first Allure flooring installation, Steve Mize decided to install Allure into other areas of his home as well.  Best of all, Steve is giving others an inside look into his latest flooring project to show others how incredibly easy it is to install Allure!

Swapping Carpet For Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 

It has been over three years since Steve Mize swapped out the carpet in his storage room with Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring, and he’s still—excuse the pun—floored by how easy it was to install.  

“The ease of putting it in was what made us say, ‘Okay, we can do the rest of our house,’” Mize told us back in October.  

In fact, his first experience with Allure flooring went so smoothly that Mize decided to share his latest Allure flooring installation with others in a series of YouTube videos.  In these videos, Mize provides both helpful tips and tricks for installing Allure flooring and walking others through the entire process.

You can check out the first of Steve Mize’s videos below!

Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Part 1: 

Allure Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Part 2: 

*Installation Tip – Be sure to allow a gap of 1/8″ minimum (3mm) for subfloor movement, which should be covered by molding.

Looking For More Allure Flooring Installation Tips?

If you are thinking of installing Allure flooring products in the future, we highly recommend following Steve as he continues to post videos of his Allure flooring installation.  For more tips and tricks, check out our other Allure project success stories and follow us on social media!

DISCLAIMER- Steve was provided flooring for this most recent project. His thoughts and opinions of the product are his own.