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Allure ISOCORE Reviews | Just Call Me Homegirl’s Kitchen Project Success

Blogger and home stager Tara Boettger is no stranger to installing Allure flooring in her home, and we are thrilled to feature her project success story in the latest installment of our Allure ISOCORE reviews series.  The DIY master first fell in love with Allure when she installed it in her basement and was so pleased with the results that she used it in other rooms in her house as wellSo, when an excuse to re-do her brown, pinkish kitchen tile presented itself, Boettger jumped at the chance to try out the new Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width Vinyl Plank Flooring and give her kitchen a much-needed makeover. 

Saying Goodbye to Old Kitchen Tile

Boettger wasn’t pleased with her kitchen tile, but she also couldn’t justify replacing the entire flooring.  That is, until the defroster in her refrigerator clogged.  This clog caused water to leak through the tile cracks and the weight of the refrigerator cracked a single tile.

“My husband said, ‘How do we replace one tile?'” Boettger recounted.  “I said we don’t. We replace the whole floor.”

While that might stress some homeowners out, it didn’t bother the DIY blogger one bit.  Boettger knew that because Allure ISOCORE is 100% waterproof, it would be the perfect choice for her kitchen.

“When I heard about their new Luxury Vinyl Drop and Lock Flooring, I had to try it!” Boettger said.

Boettger chose Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width in Harrison Pine Dark (which can be found exclusively at The Home Depot) and quickly went to work installing her new flooring.

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allure isocore reviews

allure isocore reviews


The Allure ISOCORE Reviews Are In!

With the ugly tile flooring eliminated and stunning new wood floors taking their place, Boetteger was ecstatic about the results of her Allure ISOCORE flooring installation.

“I’m going to have to say it…I think I love Allure’s ISOCORE flooring more than the GripStrip!” Boettger said, “The finish is more gray than brown and it truly looks like wood. I also love that there is a little texture to the planks as well.”

Sounds like another Allure Project Success to us, but how did the home stager fair during the actual installation of Allure ISOCORE?  

“The installation is really easy.  I just followed the directions!” Boettger said.

The DIY pro was kind enough to share some helpful tips for those who are looking to install Allure ISOCORE into their homes.  Boettger said that you don’t need power tools to cut the planks, but you can use a handsaw if you need to make a cut into a plank.

“I broke two planks trying to score and slightly snap the plank along the cuts but snapped the whole thing,” Boettger said.  “So I took a board to use as a guide and used the hand saw. Easy peasy.”

We had the chance to catch up with Tara following her successful Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width installation. Click the video below to hear the rest of her story:

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Love the look? Allure ISOCORE Multi-Width Harrison Pine Dark can be found exclusively at The Home Depot. Find it online here:

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*DISCLAIMER- Tara was provided flooring for this project. Her thoughts and opinions of the product are completely her own. 

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